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  • Top Spy Phone App for Android Phones

    SpyPhoneTap is a great app for spying & monitoring android phones.Spy Phone Tracker is best Tracking App for Monitoring your Child Mobile.The Mobile Spy Software can monitor an individual's cell phone activities from Anywhere in the world!

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Nokia spy software full
Nokia Spy Software

Full Pack

This is the most complete software you can find in the market.Easy installation.Main Features of Full Pack ;

  • Room Spying, Call Interceptor
  • SMS Forwad, GPS Location info
  • Call Recording, Video spying
  • contact List, Fake SMS, many more

Only £299 –
Purchase Nokia spy software full

Nokia spy software Pro

Nokia Spy Software

Pro Pack

Nokia Spy Software Pro Pack is equally good for your Spying needs, Main features for this spy software are;

  • Room Spying, Call Interceptor
  • SMS Forwad, GPS Location info
  • call recording
  • more features…

Only £199 –
Purchase Nokia spy software Pro

Nokia spy software basic

Nokia Spy Software

Basic Pack

Nokia Basic Spying Pack is good for intercepting text messages from the target phone.

  • SMS Forwad, GPS Location info
  • watch list supported
  • completely hidden
  • click purchase for more details

Only £99 –
Purchase Nokia spy software basic

blackberry spy software full

Blackerry Spy Software

Full Pack

This is the most complete software for spying blackberry phones, all latest BB models are supported. Life time license!

  • Spyphone – Listen to surroundings
  • Call Interceptor, SMS Spying
  • Real Time GPS Location Tracking
  • SIM Change Alert, Status Report

Only £249-
Purchase Blackberry spy software full

Blackberry spy software server edition

Blackberry Spy Software

Server Edition

Blackberry Spy Software server edition offers you the liberty to change the BB phone unlimited times in a year!

  • Spy Phone, Call interceptor
  • GPS Location Tracker, Call history
  • Spy SMS messages, Email logging
  • Unlimited device change in 1 year

Only £199 –

Purchase Blackberry spy software server

iphone spy software

iPhone Spy Software

Full Pack

This is the most complete software for spying iPhones, all latest iPhone models are supported. Life time license!

  • Spy phone- Listen to surroundings
  • Text Forward, Text Alerts
  • Real Time GPS Location Tracking
  • SIM Change Alert, Status Report

Only £249 –
Purchase iPhone spy software full

android spy software

Android Spy Software

Basic Pack

Secretly retrieve sms messages and emails from the Android Phone!

  • Secretly retrieve sms message
  • Secretly retrieve email
  • Retrieve the real time Location
  • All data uploaded to server, Uninstall the Spy Software remotely

Only £149
Purchase Android spy software basic

Windows Mobile spy software

WM Spy Software

Full Pack

Windows mobile Spy Software is supoted on phones having windows OS

  • Spy phone – Listen to surrounding vicinity of the handset
  • Text Forward – Receive duplicate copies of SMS messages
  • Cell Phone Location, Call Recording

Only £199
Purchase Windows Mobile spy software full

phone dead spy software

Phone Dead Spy Software Nokia

It allows a person to call a Target phone when it is switched off and listen to the conversations!

  • Listen conversations when Phone is Switched OFF.
  • No indication of Spy Software
  • Control the Spy Software with sms

Only £199 –
Purchase Phone Dead spy software

Concerned about your child’s security and welfare,  

Having trouble in trusting your employees,  

Or wanting to know what your partner is up to?

If your curiosity is bugging you and you want to act but you do not know how … This is the solution you have been looking for

SpyPhoneTap has a variety of spying apps that lets you convert your mobile phone into a high tech tracking or surveillance device.

SpyPhoneTap is very powerful and high tech that it could make your monitoring and tracking discreet, completely stealthy, and you could do your monitoring from any part of the world! You could be your own private investigator and you could see the results in real-time! Isn’t this amazing?

Why should you buy SpyPhoneTap?

SpyPhoneTap should be your monitoring software of choice because it boasts of great features that you could use at your disposal for monitoring and spying on your target phone. It can intercept phone calls and SMS, record conversations, track the location of your target phone, and notify you through SMS.

Spy Phone Software top features include:

    • Spy Phone
    • SMS Interceptor
    • Text ALerts
    • Real Time Call Interceptor
    • Location Tracking
    • Call Recording
    • Video Spying
    • Fake SMS

Why our Cell Phone Spy Software is Better than others?

Competitors may offer some of these features and their offer might be convincing but take note… THEY REQUIRE AN ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION through GPRS and your data would be stored in their servers.

SpyPhoneTap on the other hand  DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO HAVE AN ACTIVE GPRS, thus you do not have to pay for additional charges for the internet connection. Plus, you alone completely control the target phone and the data gathered in the target phone.

SpyPhoneTap Features Highlights

Spy Phone

As one of the software’s features, SpyPhoneTap lets you listen to the conversations and sounds surrounding the phone. You could do so by calling the Spy Phone and when the spy call ends, the software deletes all call logging data so the person using the spy phone would not have any idea that call had occurred. When another person calls the target phone, it would function like any regular mobile phone.

 Cell phone Tracker

The software is also capable of sending the location info of the target phone. The information includes the network being used by the target phone, the location area code and the cell ID which can be pinpointed using a map.

 SMS Spy

The SMS Interceptor of the software has the ability to intercept all incoming and outgoing SMS of the target phone and create a duplicate of the SMS which, in turn, is sent to you. The data in the logging folders of the duplicated SMS is automatically deleted by the software so your tracks are covered.

 Text Alerts

The software also includes a Text Alert Feature wherein the incoming caller’s number as well as the dialed number is sent to you in real-time via SMS.

 Call Interceptor – Cell Phone Tapping

The software also has a Call Through or Call Interception feature. When the target phone have an ongoing call, whether it’s an incoming or outgoing call, an SMS is sent to you and you could call the target phone which then creates a conference call so you could listen to both parties. But this requires an active call conferencing feature so have the call conferencing feature activated by the network provider. It’s also important to activate the call waiting feature so you could get through the line when a call in progress.

 Control Software Remotely

You could also reboot the software at any given time. Just send the Reboot command using your pre-defined number and the software would automatically restart.

 Spy Phone Software Status Reports

A Status Report is sent to you whenever you send the Status command. The report includes a list of activated features and assures you that the software is still running.

 SpyPhone SIM Change Alerts

The Boot/SIM feature sends an SMS notification whenever the target phone is turned on or whenever the target phone changes its SIM card.

SpyPhoneTap offers the cheapest surveillance software on the web!!! It uses state of the art and highly intellectual programs yet it is very affordable, easy to install, comes with instructions that are very easy to follow, and has a 24/7 email support that is completely free of charge.

Do not be fooled by your cheating partner 

  Buy SpyPhoneTap Now!  

Spy Phone Software

What is Spy Phone Software?

Spy Phone Software is one of the most advanced cell phone spying software for mobile phone surveillance. Spyphone software makes use of an extremely superior and intellectual program that facilitates in its own atmosphere to provide the surveillance on best mobile phones in the marketplace.

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SMS Spy Software

What is SMS Spy Software?

SMS spy software intercepts the text messages on the target cell phone and enables you to secretly receive the copy of all the incoming and outgoing SMS. Once the installation is complete, you start receiving the copies of all sms messages from the target phone. There will be no logs or any form of indication on the target cell phone.

sms spy software

Catch Cheating Spouses

How to Catch Cheating Spouses ?

It is now a well established fact that spy phone softwares can be used to catch cheating Spouses or cheating girlfriends/boyfriends. According tο a survey 65% οf married couples hаѕ hаd οr аrе having аח extra marital affair bυt whο іѕ cheating men οr women аחd hοw many couples take thеіr lovers back afterwards?

catch cheating spouses and partners

Cell Phone Tapping(Eavesdropping)

What is Cell Phone Tapping(Eavesdropping)?

Tapping cell phones is a secret process of monitoring the activities of the target phone remotely. Eavesdropping software should be completely undetectable and invisible to any antivirus or the tapped mobile phone itself. The best spy phone software for cell phone tapping is being offered by!

cell phone tapping and eavesdropping

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