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    SpyPhoneTap is a great app for spying & monitoring android phones.Spy Phone Tracker is best Tracking App for Monitoring your Child Mobile.The Mobile Spy Software can monitor an individual's cell phone activities from Anywhere in the world!

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All in one Spy Software

All in one spy software is a 100% software solution whose function is to convert your cell phone to a high end device for bugging. All you need is to just install the software once to the target device with its remote control management tool.You can send spy SMS command to the target mobile phone to activate or maybe deactivate a command using some code word. These SMS are totally invisible to the target mobile, means the target cell phone will never know that it had received a SMS. And it will not take much time to download the software.

Working of all in one spy software
Once you have installed the software on the target phone, next thing you have to do is to send a SMS command for configuring it. As stated earlier these SMS commands are invisible to the target mobile phone. This will help you in knowing the status of the target phone, its phone number listings etc.

What next after configuration?
As soon you are finished with the configuration you can make a call on that phone, without giving any kind of indication of your call the target phone will get switched on you can put on the microphone to listen to the conversation going on between the two parties.Usually this all in one spy software recommends you to keep your microphone on a mute mode so that voice from your side is not audible on the target phone.

Summary of features

  • Microphone of the target mobile phone can be switched on silently without any indication.
  • Any type of flashing lights or physical changes or log creation are not there in the software.
  • Whenever there is an incoming or outgoing call on the target phone you will receive a SMS about the same.
  • GPRS is not necessary for this software
  • Any third party servers are not used to store any information or data
  • Once you buy the software you can use it for a life time
  • Time required just 30 seconds installing the software
  • Software runs on background is in no way visible to the target phone

Important features of all in one spy software

Spy Phone Software
One of the most advanced surveillance tools for mobile phone is the spy phone softwares. By installing the mobile spy software on the target phone you will be able to bug a target cell phone.  It enables you to track all what is going on in the target cell phone.

Call Interceptor
Call interceptor is technology used for surveillance. You put on the microphone of the target phone at you wish and then you can listen to the both sides conversation that is going on in the target mobile phone.Every time there is an incoming or an outgoing on the target phone this technology will help you to get a SMS as an indication of the call.

SMS Interceptor
SMS Interceptor is atechnology through which you can you will receive an indication of incoming and outgoing SMS. Each time the target phone sends or receives SMS you will get a duplicate copy of it on your specified mobile phone. You can track all SMS on target phone with it.

Cell phone location tracker
This helps you to track the location of the target mobile phone via SMS. This is easy and simple all you need to do is just send a SMS command on the target phone for tracking location and you will receive a response indication its GSM location or GPS if it is available.

Video Spying
With video spying you can record the video and records all that is going on near the handset and the results will be sent to you on your specified email address.

Call recording
Call recording allows you to record any on-going call on the target phone. The microphone phone of the target mobile phone will get switched on and you will get connected with the conversation after which you can setup to record that conversation on your mobile phone.

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