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Call Interceptor Software

call interceptor

Keeping an eye on the phone activities of your loved ones or your employees at the work place could be very beneficial in the end. You can keep an eye on your husband or get to know about your son’s drug addiction or your kids are bullied
at school and so on. There are numerous spy applications in the market which can spy on phone activities.  GSM spyphone call or Call Interceptor Software can change any cell phone into sophisticated eavesdropping gadget. One of the greatest advantages with Call Interceptor Software is that there is no physical alteration on the phone itself. It is a complete software based solution for intercepting live conversation from any targetphone.

Mode of action 
The mode of action of the Call Interceptor is very simple. You just have to install the call interceptor software on any target phone by sending a series of Command SMS with the help of a phone from any location on this planet. Since the command SMS are silent, therefore there is no risk of detection from the target device. Activation, deactivation, changing passwords, changing the monitoring phone numbers can all be done with the help of SMS commands.

How does Call Interceptor Software work? 
Once the configuration for the GSM spy phone call or Call Interceptor Software has been successfully installed on the target phone, the microphone of the target phone will be switched on and you will be able to hear every detail of the conversation taking place in its vicinity. Whenever there is an outgoing or an incoming call on the target phone, the call interceptor will at once alert you with a SMS. Subsequently you have to dial the target phone and you will be put in a loop through conference call and you can now hear the conversation between the caller and the receiver. To prevent any suspicion and for your safety you need to mute the microphone of your monitoring phone.


  • Noiselessly activates the microphone of the target phone.
  • Completely discrete with no blinking LED’s or Log creation for future retrieval.
  • Alerts you with an SMS and direction of the call
  • No need for GPRS
  • Absolutely risk free since no data is stored on third party servers
  • Software once switched on is available for a lifetime with no need for reactivation
  • Quick installation in less than 30 seconds



Call Interceptor 
Intercept in real time all the ongoing calls on the target phone.


Room Monitor (Spy Call) 
When you place a call from the monitoring phone to that target mobile, the microphone of the Target phone will be turned on secretly!


SMS alerts on calls 
Whenever there is a call(incoming/outgoing), an sms notification will be sent to target phone secretly.

No Logs 
All the SMS commands sent from the monitoring phone are not logged.


Visual Changes 
There isn’t any kind of visual indication e.g flashing light or sms commands visible in the target phone. Complete stealth mode!


Complete Control
You can alter the Target Phone settings any time by sending sms command.



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