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    SpyPhoneTap is a great app for spying & monitoring android phones.Spy Phone Tracker is best Tracking App for Monitoring your Child Mobile.The Mobile Spy Software can monitor an individual's cell phone activities from Anywhere in the world!

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Top Features of our Spy Phone Software

The newest GSM phone interceptor is able to intercept cell phone conversations, environmental conversations, incoming and outgoing SMS, incoming and outgoing call list, notification SMS on boot, cell phone location track through an SMS containing location name and its network cell id. with the following top features.

Listen in to the surrounding sounds and conversations around the TP…
details below
Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing text messages…
details below
Receive notifications when TP connects to an incoming/outgoing call…
details below
Listen to both sides of TP and RP conversations… details below
Boot/SIM Receive notifications when TP changes SIM or turns phone ON…
details below
Receive location info of TP to nearest phone mast… details below
Reboot Will refresh software and restart to eliminate problems… details below
Receive notifications of the software operating status… details below


Unlike competitors software,our spy phone softwares do NOT require any active Internet (GPRS) connection. You will not be paying high bills for the constant Internet usage. Moreover, your sensitive data will not be stored on 3rd party servers. By using our software, you can be sure that you are the only one who controls the target phone.


ALL-in-ONE Spy Softwareincludes the following exclusive features:

Call Interception*
Whenever the Target Phone (TP) makes or receives a call, a notification SMS is immediately sent to your mobile phone indicating the direction of call (incoming / outgoing) showing the actual number of Remote Party (RP). At this moment you have the option to make a call to the TP and intercept the conversation. The TP will create a conference and allow you to listen clearly to both sides of the call.

*NOTES FOR CALL INTERCEPTION – In order to use the Call Interception feature please ensure that ‘’Call Conferencing’’ is activated on the network SIM card used
inside the TP. To activate Call Conferencing please call the network provider and ask them to activate this feature. Call Conferencing is currently only available on Postpaid / Contract SIM cards. Please also ensure that the ‘’Call Waiting’’ feature is activated on the TP and this is done by simply going to: Menu/ Settings/ Call/ and then activating Call Waiting.


Spy Phone Dial in and listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations coming from around the target phone from ANYWHERE in the world without any indication of connection. When the spy call is ended the phone stays in standby mode and the person with the spyphone will have no clue about your spy call. The intelligent software erases all call logging so even if the user entered the ‘received call list’ your number will not show. NOTHING will be found. When anyone else calls the spyphone, it rings and operates as a normal mobile phone.Location The TP will send its location / network details to the PDN on request. This will include:

1. Network: TIM (current user network)

2. LAC: 1432 (location area code)

3. Cell ID: 2141 (current base station ID can be visualised on a map in some countries. Free cell ID tracking websites include: or www.celltrack.spv

4. Signal strength: 86 (if the phone is closer to a base station then signal strength will be greater)

5. Location: street name (this is the street address of the base station provided by the network through CB message). Please Note: When you request the location,automatically the software will detect if the network supports this feature and therefore if no location is returned, please assume the network SIM does not support this feature.

The software can be restarted at any time by sending the reboot command from the PDN (Pre Defined Number). If this feature is applicable to your package, by sending the Reboot command will help stabilise the software should it  encounter any problems.

Status Report 
By sending the Status command you will receive a text message to your PDN to assure you that the software is working and which features you have activated.

Text Alert 
When an incoming or outgoing call is dialed or received by the target phone you will instantly and automatically receive a ‘real time’ text notification alert to the pre-defined number. The Text Alert will show the full phone number of who is calling them or the full phone number they are dialing out.

SMS spy / sms interceptor
Receive duplicate copies of all target phone’s incoming and outgoing text messages that will be forwarded directly to your pre-defined number. Our future proof software automatically deletes all the logging folders of any duplicated messages and the pre-defined number from the target phone.

Boot / SIM change
Whenever the TP’s SIM card is changed, a notification SMS is immediately sent to your number showing you a new TP number. Whenever the TP is switched on, a notification SMS is immediately sent to you.


We guarantee you will not find such software
cheaper anywhere else on the Web!!!

The software installation process is very simple and takes a few seconds. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided, with free 24/7 e-mail support if you need it.

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