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Phone Dead Spy Software

Phone Dead Software allows a person to call a Target phone when it is switched off and listen to the conversation taking place in the vicinity of the phone. Phone Dead Software is hidden and can be configured and activated via SMS. Therefore there is no need to touch the phone physically and the software operations like switching it on or off, putting or changing password can all be executed with another phone through SMS. Phone Dead Software will activate the microphone of the target Phone and will enable you to listen to all conversation taking place in the vicinity of the target phone.

Salient features of Phone Dead Software includes

  • No visual indication of the software on the target phone.
  • Enables you to listen to conversations in the close vicinity of the target phone
  • Mobile Monitoring app Software is completely hidden, since there is no menu, or installed program icons


Mode of operation 
The software can be installed in instantly and in a few steps by SMS commands from any phone in the world. The Command SMS are silent and is not displayed on the target phone. SMS commands are used to run all the operations like enabling and disabling, changing passwords or the target phone number etc.

Once the configuration of the target phone is done, a SMS will be sent as soon as the target phone is switched off and the microphone of the target phone will be switched on. If a call is received by the target phone, the caller will receive a phone switched off message from the service provider in much the same way as a normal phone.

Added features of Phone Dead Software

  • Enables you to hear the conversation in the vicinity of the target phone when it is switched off.
  • Discrete and completely undetectable
  • Negates any need for GPRS
  • Details never stored on third party servers
  • No need for renewal of the software
  • Installed in a jiffy
  • Software not visible on phone



Room Monitor (Phone off)
When you place a call from the Listening number (or the Pre-defined number) to that target handset, the microphone of the Target phone will auto switch on even when the target phone is off!

Visual Changes 
No indications of the calls or SMS from the listening phone.


No Logs 
No logs are maintained in the memory which could be retrieved later.


Complete Control 
You can alter the Target Phone settings any time by sending sms command.



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