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    SpyPhoneTap is a great app for spying & monitoring android phones.Spy Phone Tracker is best Tracking App for Monitoring your Child Mobile.The Mobile Spy Software can monitor an individual's cell phone activities from Anywhere in the world!

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iPhone Spy Software


TP: Target Phone (Phone which install software to be control)

PDN: Predefined Number (Phone which setting to control the Target Phone)

PDE: Predefined Email (Email which is setting as received log from incoming/outgoing SMS, call and tracking data for GPS and cell ID)

Main Features

1) Call Interception (cell phone tapping for windows mobiles)
Listen to phone calls in progress, directly monitor TP via PDN calling

2) Spycall (cell phone spyware iphone)
Listen to the phones surroundings when the phone is not in use, PDN will receive alerts via SMS

3) SIM Change Notification
Receive SMS notification when SIM is changed directly to your PDN mobile phone via SMS

4) GPS Tracking (windows mobile gps tracking)
If the target has GPS, read the location coordinates, will send to PDE

5) CELL Tracking
See the Cell Name and Cell ID, will send to PDE

6) SMS Logging (iphone text spy)
Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, all SMS will send to PDE

7) Call History
(View their entire call history) will send to PDE

8) EMAIL Logging
See complete emails sent from the mobile, all data will send to PDEInstall directly from our
internet download site, directly into the iphone, No cables, No computer, No Hassle

9) Unlimited Device changes
Not tied to IMEI

10) 100% Completely undetectable

11)After installation control every aspect of command operation by sending undetectable SMS commands using our free remote control software.

12) Powerful and easy to use search and reporting via Email.

13) For your privacy No third party server store your personal data, all data is send by TP to your PDE, you are the only one who can log to your personal Gmail.

14) No time limit for software, unlimited device change for the same activation code.

Supported Phone Models


iPhone 3G

iPhone 4

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