Ten things you should know about 007 Spy software

007 spy software

007 spy software

With the increased need of computers at different workplaces came the need of monitoring employee activities when they are using computers at these places.  Apart from workplaces, the use of monitoring spyware like 007 spy software is increasingly popular among parents who want to track their kid’s activities online and offline. With 007 software, you get a powerful toll to monitor and secretly record all the activities performed on a targeted computer including both sides’ logs of IM conversation or communication. In addition, this will also allow you to take snapshots of the desktop at preferred or preset time intervals just like surveillance camera. Note that Computer Spy software is different than spy phone software offered for mobile phones.

Salient features of 007 spy Software

1.  This is one of the most easy-to-use stealth software to monitor all systems usage secretly. It will provide you details of visited websites, all loaded applications, email activity, used passwords internet chats via clients such as Icq, Aim, MSN, Yahoo and Gtalk. This software is also used to take snapshots of the whole windows desktop.

2.  It runs in complete invisible mode therefore the user in not aware that he is being monitored. The only person who is aware of this activity is one who is using it and he can put on a secret password to limit the authority of this software.

3.  The exact working pattern of this software is to secretly record all the system activities into log files mentioned by the user in a specific directory. Working like a surveillance camera this software is very harmless for system without running in the background without the knowledge of system user.

4.  The newest version of the 007 Spy software supports operating systems like windows95/95B, 98/98SE, Windows Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and vista.

5.  This program is optimized to automatically hide itself using “Stealth” mode so that it will not appear in Windows taskbar, System tray and Task Manager. You do not have to use separate orders and commands to activate this program as it is activated along with the machine boot procedure.

6.  Being a small and efficient application working in the background it is developed and optimized to use minimum resources possible from the computer without affecting the overall performance of the computer.

7.  In case if you feel the performance of the targeted computer is hampered then you can use different settings provided with the software to improve the performance of the targeted computer.

8.  With Filters feature, you get to limit the monitoring activity for certain users on whom you do not want to spy. With easy t use graphical user interface, this software is far ahead in understanding the features with ease than any other Spy programs.

9.  007 Spy Software allows you to sort log records in log viewer window, which helps you to attribute every action of the user by time action (window) name, content, etc. You will not find this application in most of the other applications of same kind.

10.  What more you want when you are able to search log records using specific keywords by clicking the search button. It will save you a whole lot of time.


  • I would love to verify about the efficiency of this product. My wife installed it on my phone before and I was totally clueless despite the fact that I am actively playing with my phone.

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