how to know if your phone is tapped

How to Tell if Phone is Tapped ? 2019 Detailed & Easy Guide

There are many reasons why someone might be interested in listening to your phone calls. It can either be a thief, your boss, your spouse or just a prankster. Most people’s privacy is usually invaded through their mobile phones. Someone can listen to your conversations through your phone if they manage to tap your phone. You need to be keen to know whether your phone has been tapped or not in order to maintain your privacy.

how to know if your phone is tapped

Is My Phone tapped?

Though I have been working with for some years, I am always surprised to know the few number of individuals who understand how the spy software works and how easily it can be accessed. Most people are usually shocked at the capabilities of the cell phone spy software that can easily be afforded by most middle-income earners. However, one needs to be familiar with the various types of the cell phone spy software and how to use them before they can buy one. You need to check some of the reviews from various sites as it will be your first step in understanding the various types of cell phone spy software’s and what they are able to do.

cell phone monitoring

Definitely, any person will be surprised to discover that their cell phones have been tapped and they will usually be angry at the invasion of their privacy. However, for some individuals, the consequences can be more serious. Most business people are usually at risk although anyone has their privacy breached by the spy software. Try thinking of the type of information or what has been passing through your cell phone on a day-to-day basis. You will get worried with that! However, you need not to worry too much since there are ways you can always use to spot a cell phone spy software apps on your phone.


How to know if your phone is tapped

how to know if your phone is tapped

There are signs that can always tell you if your cell phone has been tapped or is being monitored in some way. However, the signs can be subtle but when you are aware of what you are looking for, they will always be glaring. Below are some signs that will help you know if your cell phone has been tapped.

  1. Weird Sounds during calls

In case there are distant or static voices or clicking sounds coming through your cell phone when you are on a call, it can be a sign that someone has tapped on your phone. However, this is not normal with the modern networks. It is a thing of the past and only associated with the analog or the old style networks. In case you can hear fragmentary voices, there can be a possibility that there is a cell phone tapping software installed on your phone.

  1. Decrease in the Capacity of the Battery

The decrease in the capacity of the battery is another great indication of a tapped mobile phone. Any tapped mobile phone will be recording all your activities and be transmitting them to a third party device. This will mean an increase in the usage of your cell phone battery and the battery will be losing life much faster. Any tapped cell phone will be recording conversations all the times while on even when it is idle.  As a result, the increase in work will result in battery life being shorter. You can always confirm this by using your cell phone battery on another mobile phone of the same model. In case your battery is using more power while on your phone than on another phone of the same model, then there are chances that your cell phone is being monitored.

  1. Your Cell phone Shows Activity when not in use

Is your mobile phone lighting up or making noises when you are not using it? Does it at times reboot for no reason? If any of those is happening to your mobile device, then there are chances that someone is secretly having access to your cell phone.

  1. You Cell Phone take long to shut down

Any cell phone will always have to complete any task it was performing before it shuts down. In case your mobile device has been transmitting data to someone, it will need more time to complete the process before it can shut down. This will make it take longer time to turn off especially when you have just sent a text message, received a call, an email or after web browsing. There are chances it could be sending data to a third party device.

  1. The Battery Temperature rises

The temperature of your cell phone battery can also be a good indicator that your cell phone has been tapped. In case the phone feels warm when you have not used it, there are chances that, it has been transmitting data to a third party device.

  1. When you are Receiving Usual SMS messages

Are you receiving weird text messages that contain characters, symbols or random numbers?

The sms interceptor feature software works by conveying coded SMS messages to the cell phone, these can be seen whenever the spy software is not working well. In case such a thing happens more often, there are chances that your phone might be tapped.

  1. Increase in Data Usage

There is cell phone spy software that uses extra data in order to rely information that has been collected from your mobile phone. Hence, it is advisable that you look out for unexplained increase in the usage of data in your phone. However, the best spy software uses less data and will be impossible to spot but other poor software’s will reveal that to you.


How to tap a cell phone remotely

how to tap cell phone remotely

Do you have any idea of how to tap a cell phone conversation? There are many cell phone tapping software in the market, however , most people are known to prefer using the mSPY spy software since it revolves are the fact that it has been perfectly structured and is almost invisible when it has been installed in a cell phone device. This means that the cell phone user is not in a position to detect that he or she is being spied on. This makes it great considering that spying on someone else cell phone is against the laws of certain nations. For example, most countries are against spying like how to tap a cell phone without touching it. Actually, many people are using different cell phone spying software without the permission of the person they are spying on.


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You can use the mSPY software to spy on any cell phone type and computer whether it is iPhone, windows mobile or a blackberry handset. The kind of cell phone you need to spy on will help you determine the best spying software to use and whether to go for the basic or premium model. This software will enable you to view all the call history and listen to all the conversations. It is one of the spy software that has the feature that will enable you to perform more than just cell phone tapping. The software will also enable you to activate a remote microphone on the mobile phone you are spying on and be in a position to hear anything that is taking place within the cell phone surrounding.

The mSPY will also enable you to hear conversations as they take place. However, this feature will never be helpful when you are busy doing other things, for example when you are in a meeting. There is also a feature that will enable you to record conversations and listen to them later or use the recorded conversation as evidence.


Checking a Spy Gadgets on My Kids iPhone

children spy gadgets

People rarely use the phone tap detector to check is their cell phones have been tapped. Most are known to manually check if there is a real spy gadgets for kids or they use a number to call to see if cell phone is tapped.  iPhone will  always need jail broken for any software that has not been supplied though Apple including the cell phone spy software. You should always be concerned whenever you discover that your iPhone is jail broken and you did not do that. In order to find out if your cell phone has a jailbreak, you need to look for an installer app on your screen. Other applications include Icy and Cydia. In case any of these applications show up, then your cell phone has been jail broken.

There are times when mobile software spy might be brave enough to hide the application for installation from the screen menu. However, if you look around, you will be able to find it. You can also check on your apps listed in the AppStore to find if it is listed there. If it is not available from Apple, then your iPhone has a jailbreak.

It is more difficult to look in the iPhone directories than with the Android. However, there is always an easier method of removing the spy software from your iPhone device. All you need to do is to upgrade the latest operating system version via iTunes and it will remove the jailbreak and any external software that is not from Apple. Just ensure that you back up any data or information before you upgrade your OS.