Call Recording Software

Call Recording Software

Can a cell phone be haunted!? Find out for your self.

A futuristic cell phone call-recording software runs silently inside every silicon infused hi-tech gadget that lay scattered across the living room of the rich byzantine house. Half a dozen private detectives stood with bated breaths. Two and half minutes into the ransom call, the line went dead. The  spy phone software needs three minutes in order to secure a GPS lock on the cell phone.

Far too many of us are aware of the three-minute-phone-call drill that places a dynamic global positioning lock on your cell phone; God bless Hollywood! But that’s a thing of the past now. With as little as $59.99, any Tom, Dick or Harry with a cell phone call-recording software could be watching you like Freddy Kreuger. It’s not science fiction. It’s just computer science.

It must be magic!?

Nope. Nor do cell phone call recording softwares involve quantum mechanics, parallel universes or have anything to do with warping the space-time continuum. Fundamentally, the SIM cards inside every cell phone carry, on them, a unique set of codes that enable them to exclusively filter out the electromagnetic signals. Thereby, what seems like noise becomes higher level intelligible information- be it a text message, a multimedia message, a voice call or any data transfer.

What a cell phone call recording software does is make a call to the victim’s cell phone and make a copy of these exclusive set of identification codes from the victim’s SIM card. This process can take as less as thirty seconds. The cell phone call-recording software has successfully turned your phone into a ghost that will silently watch everything that happens on the victim’s cell phone. And when I say everything, I mean everything; right from phone calls, voice mails, text messages, MMSs all the way over to images and installed applications.The spy software can also be used as a android spy software or blackberry spy software as well.

What happens when innovators get creative?

Want more? The cell phone call-recording software could even turn the other cell phone’s receiver into a microphone and keep a track of the ambient aural environment. If he has a camera on his phone, you could even set up remote surveillance. Some variants of cell phone call-recording softwares take the liberty of combining it with motion detecting softwares and trigger notifications the moment suspicious activity is detected.
Higher end versions of cell phone call-recording softwares combine all of this with popular mapping softwares and you can be directly monitoring where the cell phone is on a global basis. You can say goodbye to the dark glasses and the black trench coat you just bought. Why be Sherlock Holmes when you could be James Bond?

The reach of cell phone call-recording softwares:

Who needs a cell phone call-recording software? I wish the world was a simpler place to live in at times; where everyone was honest. Unfortunately, I don’t get to play God. But if you’re a parent and have a teenage kid who might be in bad company or if your employee is violating company law by leaking confidential information, all you need is a cell phone call-recording software to bust them in the act!

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  • Wow, this is something new that I never think off how this software could be used for. All I knew was call logs and messaging logs but not the details. Now they even record whatever the person is doing?

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