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    SpyPhoneTap is a great app for spying & monitoring android phones.Spy Phone Tracker is best Tracking App for Monitoring your Child Mobile.The Mobile Spy Software can monitor an individual's cell phone activities from Anywhere in the world!

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Spy Phone Software


Spy Phone Software is one of the most advanced spying software for mobile phone surveillance. Spyphone software makes use of an extremely superior and intellectual program that facilitates in its own atmosphere to provide the surveillance on best mobile phones in the marketplace. Cell Phone Spy software is the software that is installed
on a mobile phone. The spy phone software permits you to spy the environmental sounds in the vicinity of target mobile, listen(intercept) to the live cell phone calls.

How does SpyPhone Software work? 
The working mechanism of spy phone software is trouble-free, and once the spyphone software is set-up, it functions like a clock works. All the sms commands sent to the target phone are completely hidden in the target phone, the spyphone feature can be activated/deactivated anytime by sending a secret sms command.

What happens after Spyphone Software Configuration?

When the configuration of the spy phone software is completed, you can make a call to the target phone and the target mobile microphone will be immediately turned on secretly without any visual indication, log creation and you would listen to the conversations made in the vicinity of the target mobile. Whenever there is an incoming/outgoing call on the target phone, a notification sms will be sent to the monitoring phone, and at this time you can easily intercept the live calls on the target phone.


  • Secretly turn on the on the target mobile’s microphone for room spying or bug the meeting rooms.
  • None of the physical changes are made like flashing lights, creating logs.
  • Receiving SMS notification with the track of both incoming/outgoing calls sited on the target phone
  • GPRS is not required for this feature
  • None of the information is stored in third party servers
  • No information of any kind is stored on any third party servers
  • Spyphone software valid for life time period, no monthly or annual payments!
  • Installation is completed within 5 minutes.
  • Install secretly in the target phone!



AutoanswerAuto Answer 
When a call is made form the monitoring phone to the target phone, then the microphone of the target is enabled secretly!


No IndicationVisual Changes 
There isn’t any kind of visual indication e.g flashing light or sms commands visible in the target phone. Complete stealth mode!


sms forwarder Call Alerts 
Receive notifications at Real Time of all the incoming and outgoing calls with the direction of the call(outgoing/incoming) and also phone number.

No LogsNo Logs 
No command is visible on the target phone, no log creation on target phone.



Baby monitoringControl the Spy Software You can alter the Target Phone settings any time by sending SMS command.




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